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Truck drivers should wear shirt, pant, shoes – Or else pay Rs 2k fine

Truck drivers dress code

Drivers and helpers of commercial vehicles could soon have to wear full length pants, tee shirts/shirts and shoes and socks while plying their vehicles. The otherwise more comfortable lungi and vest will soon attract a fine of Rs.2,000 as this attire has come under serious attention in Uttar Pradesh and stiff penalties will be imposed under the new Motor Vehicle Act.

Apparently, this regulation had been in place from 1939 with an amendment introduced in 1989 adding a fine of Rs.500 for violating this dress code. This time round the fine has been raised to Rs.2,000 imposed under section 179 of MV ACT 2019. Uttar Pradesh is set to enforce this dress code strictly.

This style of dressing in lungi and vest is favored among truck drivers especially considering the long hours they spend behind the wheel, the hot and uncomfortable truck cabins and the lack of air conditioning. This rule will now apply to drivers of all school vehicles, helpers, conductors and to government vehicle drivers.

The new Motor Vehicle Act came into effect from 1st September 2019. It brought with it increased penalties for various driving offences. A vehicle on the road without insurance will attract a fine of Rs.2,000 and imprisonment upto 3 months for first offence. Subsequent offences will attract a fine of Rs.4,000 and imprisonment upto 3 months. Insurance companies have seen a rise by 300 percent in insurance of two wheelers over the past few days.

There are also hefty fines in place for dangerous driving, driving without license, breaking of traffic regulations and drunken driving. In the case of dangerous driving, first time offenders will face imprisonment of 6 months to 1 year and/or fine between Rs.1,000-5,000.

Second time offenders will be imprisoned for upto 2 years and/or fines upto Rs.10,000. In the case of drunken driving, imprisonment is upto 6 months and/or fine upto Rs.10,000 in the case of first time offenders going upto 2 years imprisonment and/or fine of Rs.15,000. The penalty for driving without license has been enhanced 10 times to Rs.5,000 as against an earlier penalty of Rs.500.

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