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TRW belt drive electric steering for Great Wall Motor Company SUV


TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. (NYSE: TRW) will supply its Belt Drive Electric Power Steering (EPS) system to Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor Company for its next gen mid-sized Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) to be launched in 2015. SUV’s are a fast growing vehicle segment in China with 43% % sales increase in 2013 as compared to 2012 as per IHS data. TRW is also supplying its Electrically Powered Hydraulic Steering (EPHS) technology to Ferrari’s ‘LaFerrari’ – the 1st Ferrari to feature hybrid propulsion.

TRW AUTOMOTIVE HOLDINGS“TRW’s Belt Drive system is an ideal choice for mid to large size SUVs as larger vehicles require greater steering rack forces,” said Peter Lake, executive vice president, Sales and Business Development. “As Chinese consumers continue to desire the greater flexibility and utility of SUVs, TRW has the local capacity to satisfy demand for these vehicles.”

TRW will operate from its regional production base to be a cost effective source for its fuel-saving and emission reducing EPS technologies. In the last 2 years, TRW has installed equipment to produce and assemble belt drive units at its Anting facility. Line capacity is in the range of 800,000 units annually.

TRW offers 2 Electrically Powered Steering (EPS) solutions that require power only when steering assist is needed. There’s a column drive unit which is mounted on the steering column and a belt drive wherein assist power is applied directly to the rack with a belt drive and ball nut mechanism. In comparison to traditional hydraulic power steering, both offer fuel economy and CO2 emissions benefits. Fuel saving of 0.3 to 0.4 L/100km with carbon dioxide emission reduction of about 7-8g/km can be attained.

“We have already launched our column drive technology with both China domestic and international customers and are now introducing our latest innovation – EPS belt drive – in China,” said Lake. “We are pleased to be supporting China’s largest SUV manufacturer, Great Wall, as they launch new vehicles into the market.”


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