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TRW new commercial steering tech, signs deal with Daimler Trucks

As a full system steering supplier in North America, TRW is widely capable of meeting DTNA requirements. Manufacturing locations in US and Mexico are ideal to efficiently serve DTNA assembly plants.

TRW Automotive Holding Corp, headquartered in Livonia, Michigan are leading American suppliers of automotive systems, modules and components to OEM’s of automotive equipment manufacturers the world over. TRW Automotive operates through four segments: Chassis Systems, Occupant Safety Systems, Electronics and Automotive Components and is displaying two new commercial steering technologies at IAA Commercial Vehicles show at Hanover.

Both these commercial steering systems are ideally suited for drivers who spend long hours at the wheel and are specific to enhance safety, comfort and efficiency while causing the least possible impact on the environment. ReAX enables semi automated driving functions besides advanced driver assistance systems such as lane departure alerts and lane keeping assist. The hydraulic power system provides torque proportional to the steering requirements of larger commercial vehicles. ESP on the other hand is directed towards precision and control. Both these new technologies devised by TRW Automotive come together to enable least steering efforts even at low speeds and increased stability at higher speeds.

ActivMode Pump introduced by TRW Automotive goes a long way in reducing fuel consumption and temperature due to a special dual mode flow logic. This flow logic is mated to steering system flow demand both when engine is in idle mode or at cruising speed. At low speeds, the system provides full flow as per demand of steering system while in cruising mode, one side of the circuit is hydraulically disengaged to reduce pump action and power consumption. This results in saving of 200 liters of fuel per 100,000 kms. While ActivMode system should be ready for application by 2016-17, ReAX system will only be ready for use in 2017-18.

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