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Turkey auto industry records 10% production decrease in first 3 quarters of 2012

According to figures announced by Turkish Automotive Manufacturers Association (OSD), turkeys motor vehicle production saw a 4 percent decrease with only 102,744 units being produced during the month of September 2012. When compared to last year, figures of September 2012 are as follows: passenger car production was registered at 54,295 units; commercial vehicle production was recorded at 45,348 units while the tractor sector registered production of 3,101 units.

Total car production, commercial vehicle production as also tractor production showed a decrease of 5%, 1% and 21% respectively. Some good news for the Turkish automotive sector was that overall production capacity utilization rate was registered as 75% which is a rise of 48% as compared to last months 27%. Production utilization capacity rate for initial nine months of the year was recorded as 67%.

However, initial nine months of the year saw a decrease of ten percent in passenger and commercial vehicle segments as compared to 2011, with only 428,194 and 365,808 units being manufactured respectively.


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