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TVS Apache 200 owner retro-fits ABS from Apache 180 ABS – DIY

TVS announced the launch of the Apache 200 with ABS back in January 2016. Sadly, the deliveries have not yet started, as the bike has not been launched.

This has frustrated many of their buyers. Some are still waiting, while some have gone ahead and bought the currently available non-ABS, non-FI variant. But one owner from Pune, Dhiraj has managed to give his Apache 200 a dual-channel ABS – all on his own. Below are the images of his retro-fitted Apache 200 ABS.

Dhiraj, who also owns a Apache 180 ABS, decided to retrofit the ABS system from his Apache 180 to his new Apache 200. So he is not exactly sure how much it has cost, for this upgrade. But, he has an idea as to how much the parts, which were needed, cost. And as per that, he says the tentative cost for such an upgrade is about INR 38,000. Below is the tentative pricing of the parts used –

1. HCU with inbuilt ABS functionality – INR 22,000
2. Speed sensor front and rear – INR 1,500 each
3. Sensor disk – INR 700 each
4. Brake pipes- INR 1,500 each
5. 180 Wiring harness- INR 5,500

He adds – “Mechanical parts and brake pipes are direct fit . However, there is modification required for wiring harness. If someone needs details then I can help with wiring layout. With this modification, ABS is working but I was not able to connect ABS indicator on IP.”

This makes it easy for those who are in the market to purchase an ABS equipped Apache 200, and cannot wait for TVS to launch it. Yes, it is expensive for sure. But, considering that ABS is important, this DIY is a pleasant update for the Apache 200 owners.

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