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TVS Apache 200 top speed at 144 kmph, and not 129 kmph

TVS Apache 200 top speed 144 kmph
Image - Otomotif Weekly

TVS claims that the top speed of Apache 200 FI is 129 kmph, but test ride reveals that it is much higher.

2016 TVS Apache RTR 200 4V has been launched in India at a base price of INR 88,990 for the carbureted version while the top end variant with FI, dual channel ABS and Pirelli tyres, is priced at INR 1.15 lakh in India. Standard tyres which are offered with new Apache 200 are from Remora, while buyers have the option to opt for Pirelli rubber.

It is this top-end variant with Pirelli rubber which has managed to touch a top speed of 144 kmph, in spite the company claiming that top speed of Apache 200 is only 129 kmph for the FI variant (127 kmph for the carbureted variant). The said top speed was achieved by a test rider from Otomotif Weekly, while testing the bike at Sentul International Circuit in Indonesia.

TVS Apache RTR 200 India Launch

New TVS Apache RTR 200 4V is powered by a single cylinder, 197.7 cc air cum oil cooled engine capable of 21 PS power and 18.1 Nm torque mated to a 5 speed gearbox. Drawing inspiration from the Draken concept, new Apache 200 weighs a total of 148.5 kgs (kerb), while it claims claims acceleration from 0 to 60 kmph in 3.9 seconds. Dimensions stand at 2,050 mm length, 790 mm width, 1,105 mm height while the new Apache sits on a wheelbase of 1,353 mm. It gets ground clearance of 180 mm and sports a 12 liter fuel tank.

Set to lure buyers in the younger and more adventurous segment, the 2016 TVS Apache RTR 200 4V boasts of better refinement and added performance. It is fitted with 10 spoke, 17” alloy wheels, 90/90 R 17 tyres in the front and 130/90 R17 tyres at the rear while features include petal disc brakes, and an upward riding stance. It is seen with a sporty design, an all digital console and sharp headlights with LED DRLs.

TVS Apache 200 – Specs

TVS Apache 200 India Specs

TVS Apache 200 India Specs

TVS Apache 200 – Photos

Exhaust Note of TVS Apache 200


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  • Savio Pereira

    Hi Pearl, nice read, just wanted to confirm though if the top speed of 144km/hr was achieved on a stock apache 200 or was it ported,
    If stock then why would the company claim a much lower top speed

    • Hi Savio. Yes, it was achieved on stock Apache 200. TVS has been known to claim lower than actual top speed of their products over the years. The same could be true for Apache 200 as well, or there is a huge error between actual speed and speedo claimed speed on board Apache 200.

      • Savio Pereira

        I have known that Yamaha speedos are over enthusiastic and well probably even this one too… Thanks for the update though….. Cheers

  • Was the top speed tested on the Indian variant?

    • This is Indonesian variant with FI and Pirelli tyres.

  • Roshan Jose

    “claims acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph in 3.9 seconds” Thats a tall claim, are you sure it was not 0-60?

  • Arnold Seva

    Tell me one thing..This 144kmph, Is it speedo indicated speed or VBOX tested?

    There is always some speedo error – So if the speedometer says speed is 144kmph the actual speed might be something like 139kmph – In that case saying that top speed of RTR200 is 144kmph will NOT be a correct statement, will it be?

    • Point here is, the top speed achieved by apache 200 is much higher than what the company claims. Cheers.

      • Arnold Seva

        Agreed! Top speed may be higher than claimed speed. But the question is how much percentage is the speedo error. Just for example Pulsars are know to have a huge speedo error. Bajaj claims a top speed of 136 km/hr on the Pulsar 200 NS but the motorcycle manages to do 150 km/hr on the meter !

        So the point also is speedo error can be anything from 5% to 10 %. But if the speedo error is 10%, then the true top speed will be 130 and if that is the case will we still say that top speed is much higher than claimed speed? So the point is we will know for sure only when it is VBOX tested. Cheers.