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TVS Apache 310 owner completes GQ ride in 104 hours – 5900 kms, 13 States

Disclaimer – The manufacturer (TVS Motor Company) has blacklisted Rushlane from it’s events/rides as a consequence of decisions based on restrictive practices. This blog is reliant on available UGC and customer input.

Engineer by degree, but a biker at heart. Chennai based Poonkathirvelan Boopalan is a proud owner of the new TVS Apache 310. He is also the first Apache 310 owner to complete Golden Quadrilateral road trip. Boopalan completed the trip in 104 hours, of which 70.5 hours was ride time.

A seasoned biker, who also completed the Saddle Sore 2000k (riding 2062 kms in 24 hours) back in 2013 on his Apache 180, Boopalan completed the 5900+ Golden Quadrilateral journey in 104 hours. Of this, 70.5 hours was ride time while remaining was rest, caught up in dust storm, traffic, etc.

He adds – “First apache RR310 bike in india crossing 10K, but couldn’t do the best timing GQ due to unexpected dust storm, 400+Km heavy construction work at bihar and UP and never experienced a climate of 46Deg with dust. Extreme support from friends and family. My father’s eyes says I am important for him and also, my goal and dream is important for him.”

Talking about his biking journey, he says – “When I was 2 I started loving bikes. Moto GP is the only thing I watch all the way. After completing 12th I got govt college engineering seat in Kovai and Salem. My father slightly insisted me to take govt college but I am bold enough to go to any college in Chennai because it is where the race track is. All the time I just speak about bikes, engine, power, road, race and Ducati. Most of my college friends criticized me like anything, few call me as dacalti, I can’t forget those days.

After lot of struggle I got a bike and went to track and went to get track licence and searched for protective gears, racing teams. Days are just passed with full of disappointments. My father was in the situation that he can give max 5 to 8k per month. But racing is extremely expensive that a common man to reach till top and in India it is extremely difficult. Slowly I started realizing that I can’t ever compete with 46. Age has just gone but not that passion and strength. Whatever I earn that’s only for my passion and bike. As of now i have owned 8 bikes and ridden more than 3 lakh Kms on Indian roads.

Just like be crazy or stupidly riding what you are gaining is the common question raised in front of me by many? As of now I don’t have any answers. There is no endurance racing or message to spread, all it is there is speed.

But one thing I want to share them all is that definitely I don’t gain any money but I got and will get real people around me who believes me and who cares for me. That’s the only value I gained. One day you will come for me, i believe.

During GQ solo expedition at Varanasi Gangai river bridge after crossing difficult path (Bihar) I just stopped and called Vishal to tell there was a huge dust storm and it drained my energy and extreme construction work. I couldn’t complete it in 80hrs. My eyes were filled with tears.

But he just motivated and told it’s not your fault you have to accept the nature. Just forgot about timing and completing is more important, he said. And Venkat also told while you crossed Gaya I felt really proud of you because just few days back he went Bihar and he knows the situation. And Jothi, Vaithy, Bhakya said machi nee safe ah vaa. Vidhya spoke and got appointment for quick service at Varanasi around 12 to 2 pm but I reached there at 18:00, she continuously monitored me and updated about my arrival to the service people, so even after service center was closed they stayed and serviced my vehicle, still I donna how can I thank them.

At Bhubaneshwar strange friend gave me shelter for power nap with wishes and at Varanasi I got permission for stay at petrol bunk from old man via Vidhya ( She spoke in Hindi) , suddenly owner came and just asked about me and few minutes of talk he went and gave me cot for stay. Same happened at Kishangarh (RJ).

I am extremely grateful to people who followed and supported me throughout the journey and also to people who hates me.

India is extremely beautiful country and most of the people are awesome and helpful. I love you all, we are all Indian’s and humans. Only government is dividing us. Wherever i lost energy vishal will be der to boost.

Life is strength nothing else matters. Just wait for your day and keep doing what you love.”

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