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TVS Apache 310 spares / parts price revealed via dealer bill

Disclaimer – The manufacturer (TVS Motor Company) has blacklisted Rushlane from it’s events/rides as a consequence of decisions based on restrictive practices. This blog is reliant on available UGC and customer input.

Launched in India on 6th December 2017, TVS Apache 310 is the first fully faired sports bike from TVS Motors. It is the company’s flagship model to commemorate 35 years of TVS Racing. Launched at a price of Rs 2.05 lakhs, owners of this sportsbike are amazed at its high level of sportiness and efficient performance.

With a bike so popular, the obvious question that pops up is what does it cost to maintain the bike. Earlier this month, couple of Youtube videos were posted which claimed the following prices of spares / parts for Apache 310 –

Front panel where RR and Apache are written, costs Rs 2,500. The black side strips just below the handlebar, are priced at Rs 900 each while oil filter costs Rs 250-300. Air filters are priced at Rs 350, rear brake liners at Rs 1,010 and front brake liner at rs 220. Brake and clutch lever is priced at Rs 900-1,000 each. Side indicators, priced at Rs 1,080, mirrors at Rs 1,000, instrument cluster at Rs 4,000 and handlebar setup at Rs 2,000. Front headlamp assembly price INR 30,000, golden front forks which are priced at Rs 15,000 and chain sprocket set priced at INR 15,000.


TVS Apache 310 owner from Bangalore has come forward and shared actual prices of spares and parts which are different to what was stated earlier. Below are the prices. He has also shared a copy of a bill –

1. Fairing side cover LHS : Rs 2122
2. Fairing side cover RHS : Rs 2122
3. Engine guard LHS : Rs 925
4. Engine guard RHs : Rs 925
5. Housing LHS : Rs 995
6. Housing RHS : Rs 995
7. Center engine guard : Rs 118
8. Fairing : Rs 8102
9. Headlamp with 2 Bi-Leds bulbs (Rinder make) : Rs 21390
10. Tail lamp (Rinder make) : Rs 1758
11. Chain Sprocket set (Including labour)(Rolon Make) : Rs 6800

TVS had shared the above price list earlier today on their Facebook page. As per the above price list shared by TVS, the total cost of spares is – Rs 1,37,818.

Soon TVS deleted their shared price list, and replaced it with the one below, where prices of more spares / parts have been added.

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