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TVS secures patent for hybrid two wheeler

TVS Motor Co. has secured a patent for its hybrid two wheeler technology which was first showcased on board Qube concept back in 2010 Delhi Auto Expo. The application for patent relating to a hybrid two wheeler with hub-mounted motor was filed by the company back in 2008 at Chennai patent office.

Though finer details of TVS’ hybrid technology are still under wraps, according to the patent application, the system does away with additional motion transmitting parts. Such an arrangement is claimed to have improved the net power transmission efficiency.

The first version of Cube concept employed an electric motor to assist its 4-stroke engine which was derived from Scooty Pep+. The second iteration which was showcased at 2012 Delhi Auto Expo featured a bigger and more potent 109.7 cc engine working in conjunction with a hub-mounted electric motor. With lithium ion battery pack on board to support the electric motor, the hybrid scooter had a claimed top speed of 75 kmph.

The hybrid system developed by TVS for application in automatic scooters is claimed to reduce carbon emission by around 30% while resulting in 30% increase in fuel efficiency. However, there no official announcement by TVS as to when can we expect the system in production-spec models.

Given that India is pledging to promote electrification of automobiles in a large scale, hybrid two wheelers with innovative and cost effective technologies are not far from reality.