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TVS Motor Nov 2020 Sales Grow 25% – XL Super, Jupiter, Apache, Ntorq

TVS Apache Sales
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TVS Motors Company total two wheeler and three-wheeler sales in November 2020

TVS Motor Company reports November 2020 wholesales at 21 percent growth, up at 3,22,709 units from 2,66,582 units in November 2019. Total two-wheelers sales grew 25 percent, up at 3,11,519 units, up from 2,49,350 units YoY. Domestic two-wheeler sales growth is up by almost a third at 30 percent up at 2,47,789 units in November 2020 from 1,91,222 units in November 2019.

Of this, motorcycle sales growth is reported at 26 percent at 1,33,531 units, up from 1,05,963 units in November 2019. Scooter sales reported similar growth at 26 percent. Scooter volumes are lower than that of motorcycles at 1,06,196 units, up from 84,169 units in November 2019.

TVS Two Wheeler Sales Nov 2020
TVS Two Wheeler Sales Nov 2020 vs Nov 2019 vs Oct 2020

Exports remained stable at 74,074 units as against 74,060 units in November 2019. Two-wheeler exports grew 10 percent, up at 63,730 units in November 2020 from 58,128 units YoY. Exports were adversely affected owing to container unavailability, and impact Chennai port ops on account of Cyclone Nivar in the last week of November.

TVS three-wheeler sales

Three-wheeler sales fell to 11,190 units at 35.06 percent decline from 17,232 units in November 2019. Three wheeler sales have been hit hard in the aftermath of nationwide lockdown. With emphasis on maintaining safe physical distance during daily commute, reliance on three-wheeler commute, especially for last mile needs stands debated.

A growing trend to foster a sense of safety and self preservation has meant, now more than ever before, more folks are considering a personal vehicle. And what better than a two-wheeler. In fact, current sales trends reflect much activity in the two-wheeler market with a large number of positive domestic sales reports. Shared transport, once considered a boon is now viewed as suspect under the overarching Covid-19 pandemic.

TVS ARIVE app and Intellicar acquisition

To support and improve the two-wheeler experience, TVS Motors has introduced its ARIVE app. Based on augmented reality (AR), it’s now available for TVS Apache RR310 and Apache RTR 200 4V motorcycles for in-depth product exploration and purchase experience.

The customer engagement approach will in time be rolled out for all its vehicles. An independent module will be available for all vehicles in the following format – Place to explore (AR-based), Scan a real bike (AR based), and the 3D mode (for non-AR compatible devices). An aerial view is available by using the camera option.

TVS Motor Company is also acquiring Bengaluru-based Intellicar Telematics Private Ltd for an estimated Rs 15 crore. The start-up works with integrated IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for fleet tracking and predictive maintenance solutions for a range of vehicles. The all cash deal will let TVS acquire 100 per cent stake. Its IoT solutions, analytics and data management abilities fits right in with TVS’ digital initiatives to enhance customer experience.

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