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TVS Motor Sales Feb 2021 Grow By 15% – Jupiter, Ntorq, Apache, XL 100

TVS Apache
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TVS two-wheeler domestic wholesales and exports drives growth in February 2021

TVS Motor reports total sales growth at 17.57 percent. This includes domestic sales and exports of its two-wheelers and three-wheelers. TVS’ 3W market is relatively small when compared to its 2W market. Of this, TVS puts on its strongest show in the domestic 2W market.

In February 2021, domestic two-wheeler wholesales was reported at 1,95,145 units at 15 percent growth, up from 1,69,684 units. Volume gain stood at over 25k units. Domestic 2W wholesales accounts for over 65 percent of all of TVS sales.

Of this, motorcycles sales contributed to the bulk at 1,37,259 units sold. Wholesales grew at 15.82 percent, up from 1,18,514 units at 18,745 volume gain. It accounted for 46 percent of all TVS sales.

TVS scooter and moped sales

Scooter sales were within arm’s distance of a lakh units. Domestic scooter sales is reported at 95,525 units. Growth was reported at 57.55 percent, up from 60,633 units at volume gain of 34,892 units.

TVS Sales Feb 2021
TVS Sales Feb 2021

Moped sales was reported at 51,797 units. Sales declined by 8.72 percent, down from 56,744 units. Volume loss stood at just under 5k units. 2W exports too improved. Growth was reported at just over 35 percent.

Exports stood at 89,436 units, up from 66,207 units at volume gain of 23,229 units. 2W exports accounted for about 30 percent of TVS’ total business last month. Together, 2W total (domestic and exports) sales grew by 20.64 percent. Sales was up at 2,84,581 units, up from 2,35,891 units at volume gain of under 50k units. Business improvement of 48,890 units means 95.58 percent of TVS’ business revolves around two-wheelers.

TVS three wheeler sales decline

The remainder 4.42 percent is attributed to total (domestic and exports) three-wheeler sales. Despite growth, domestic 3W sales volume is under a 1,000 units. At 813 units, sales growth stood at 16.14 percent, up from 700 units sold in Feb 20.

3W exports declined by a quarter. Exports fell to 12,353 units, down from 16,670 units at 35.90 percent decline. Volume loss stood at 4,317 units. Total 3W sales is reported at 13,166 units, down 24.20 percent from 17,370 units. Volume loss stood at 4,204 units.

Of total sales, domestic sales accounts for almost two-thirds of all TVS sales. Domestic (2W and 3W) in February 2021 is reported at 1,95,958 units. Sales grew 15 percent, up from 1,70,384 units at 25,574 units volume gain. Exports (2W and 3W) grew by 22.82 percent. Exports rose to 1,01,789 units, up from 82,877 units at volume gain of 18,912 units.

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