TVS patents Semi AMT for motorcycles

TVS Motor Company has been granted patent for a gearshift assembly that promotes Semi AMT for motorcycles (Automated Manual Transmission). The patent was filed in 2009 and has received the grant in May this year.

The TVS Jive was the first motorcycle in India to feature the clutchless gearshift mechanism (Hero Honda Street was a step-through) but it still required the riders to operate the foot peg-mounted shifter.

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The patented system could have handlebar-mounted gearshift switches.

The semi AMT mechanism used in the Jive actuated the clutch every time the rider operated the shifter and hence the leg effort required was more compared to an ordinary manual transmission. The new invention aims to eliminate this effort by adding another layer of automation to the same technology.

The newly patented gear assembly by TVS employs gearshift buttons that could be located on the handlebar switch gear. When the rider presses the button, it operates an electric motor which in turn actuates the gearshift mechanism and clutch. With ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons, direction of the actuating motor can be changed.

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The system can be implemented on both motorcycles and three-wheelers.

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TVS says that this Semi AMT for motorcycles can also be extended to three-wheelers as well. Since the basic working principle remains identical to that of the manual transmission, there won’t be a drop in fuel efficiency as well.

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