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TVS rickshaw modified with bodywork, sunroof – Costs Rs 50k approx

The three wheeled auto rickshaw born in India is quite popular in several international markets in South East Asia and South America. Fondly called as the Tuk-Tuks, these three wheelers navigate through cramped streets of heavily populated towns like no other commercial passenger vehicle can.

The Tuk-Tuk fascinates many a tourists for its utter simplicity and agility. Auto rickshaw owners in India as well as abroad are known to personalize their vehicles in a bid to stand out in the crowd and attract customers. We have to say that these examples of made-in-India auto rickshaws modified by a Peruvian company have a unique appeal and introduce a whole new concept.

RL Fiberglass takes stock TVS King auto rickshaws and completely transform them into interesting looking, fully enclosed urban runabouts. As the name suggests, the Peruvian company uses extensive amount of fiber glass to give the Tuk-Tuk all-new bodywork, complete with four doors and a sunroof with pneumatic pistons!

The modifier retains the vehicle’s front and rear fascias but replaces the entire tarpaulin part with fiberglass shell with a car-like shape. The new bodywork which can be had in different colors comes with butterfly-type windows, proper door trims, car-like handles, roof extensions at front as well as rear, stylish set of rear combination lamps (the stock ones are also retained), and a number of pseudo air vents, augmented bumpers and groves.

In addition to the fancy bodywork, the modified TVS King auto rickshaw from Peru also gets 6 speakers connected to the stock radio, custom lights all over the cabin. From inside, the fully enclosed vehicle feels like a compact car and it can be specified with mini fans. So, be it scorching sun or pelting rain, these Peruvian Tuk-Tuks will shield you from the weather.

The photographs suggest that many examples of RL Fiberglass’ modified Tuk-Tuks exist and many are currently under fabrication. Looks like these decked up urban runabouts are getting quite popular in the South American nation. According to RL Fiberglass’ official FB page, the modification starts at 2,100 sols (around INR 43,750). The price of the stock rickshaw and modification stand at 14,500 sols (around INR 3.02 lakhs). Take a look at detailed photo gallery below by swiping through the images.

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