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TVS Sales Breakup Sep 2022 – Jupiter, Apache, XL, Ntorq, Raider

Taking top spot in TVS sales breakup September 2022, we have Jupiter in domestic markets and Star City 125 in exports

TVS Apache 160 2V
TVS Apache 160 2V

The highest-selling product that TVS Motor makes is its Jupiter scooter. With 82,394 units sold in September 2022, Jupiter registered 46.25% YoY growth over 56,339 units sold a year before. Volume gain stood at 26,055 units and commanded a 29.02% share among TVS’ domestic sales. XL moped takes the next spot with 47,613 units sold.

Due to 61,664 units sold last year, XL saw a drop of 22.79% YoY. Volume drop stood at 14,051 units and had a 16.77% share. Apache series has registered a 5.64% YoY growth by selling 42,954 units over 40,661 units last year with a volume gain of 2,293 units. NTORQ is TVS’ second highest-selling scooter and registered 6.94% YoY growth by pushing 31,497 units. Volume gained by NTORQ is 2,045 units.

TVS Sales Breakup September 2022

Raider recently got a 5” TFT display as its instrument console and saw a staggering 208.43% YoY growth with 21,766 units sold. Volume gain stood at 14,709 units YoY, which is quite respectable. Radeon is TVS’ highest-selling budget commuter. With 14,726 units sold, Radeon registers 10.76% YoY growth.

Sport commuter sold 14,057 units. With that, Sport registered a drop of 4.05% YoY. Scooty Pep+ sold 9,518 units over 7,259 units and gained 2,259 units in volume YoY. Growth stood at 31.12% YoY. Another commuter by TVS, Star City, sold 7,947 units and saw a drop of 9.34% YoY. Zest scooter sold 5,913 units and registered 54.10% YoY growth over 3,837 units sold last year.

TVS Sales Breakup September 2022 - Domestic
TVS Sales Breakup September 2022 – Domestic

iQube electric scooter sold 4,923 units over just 766 units last year. With that, iQube witnessed an astounding 542.69% YoY growth with 4,157 units gained in volume. TVS’ flagship Apache RR 310 managed to push out 570 units as opposed to 337 units and registered 69% (nice) YoY growth. TVS’ total domestic sales stood at 2,83,878 units over 2,44,084 units sold in September 2021. Volume gain stood at 39,794 units with 16.3% YoY growth. Exports place Star City 125 as its golden product with 29,157 units shipped. With 32,619 units shipped last year, Star City 125 saw a 10.61% YoY drop in sales. Star City 125 accounts for 38.07% of TVS’ total exports.

Star City stands next with 12,671 units shipped and like its 125cc sibling, also falls in the red with 55.87% YoY drop in sales. TVS Sport lost sales domestically but gained 135.04% YoY with 9,491 units shipped over 4,038 units shipped last year. Volume gain stood at 5,453 units YoY. Raider impressed in exports just as it did in the domestic market.

TVS Exports Sep 2022

With 6,998 units shipped in September 2022, Raider saw a massive 2,399% YoY growth due to just 280 units shipped last year. Apache series doesn’t see much luck as it is down by 45.21% YoY. As compared to 12,224 units shipped last year, Apache sales almost halved at 6,697 units. Domestic highest-seller Jupiter only shipped 4,294 units in September 2022.

TVS Sales Breakup September 2022 - Exports
TVS Sales Breakup September 2022 – Exports

Wego managed to ship 2,933 units over just 230 units shipped last year. Wego saw a 1,175% YoY growth with 2,703 units gained in volume. NTORQ is not well received in global markets. It lost 53.54% in sales with 2,884 units shipped last month over 6,208 units shipped last year. Victor held its ground with 800 units which was the same last year as well. XL and Radeon fall in the red completely with just 438 units and 120 units shipped respectively. RR 310 doubled its exports with 104 units over 52 units last year. TVS’ total exports stood at 76,587 units and lost 11.27% in sales. Volume loss stood at 9,726 units over Sep 2021.

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