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TVS Sales, Exports Break Up Nov 2020 – XL Super, Jupiter, Apache, Ntorq

TVS Apache
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TVS Motor reported growth in domestic wholesales and exports for November 2020

TVS domestic wholesales for November 2020 was reported at 2,47,789 units. Up 29.58 percent from 1,91,222 units a year earlier. Volume gain stood at 56,567 units. The manufacturer’s moped proved to be a big winner. And, sat atop the table. 70,750 XL units were sold at 22.94 percent gain. Wholesales grew by 13,200 units. Up from 57,550 units.

The brand’s bestselling scooter, Jupiter was in the green. YoY growth was 52.72 percent at volume gain of over 21k units. Wholesales grew to 62,626 units. Up from 41,007 units. Both top performers collectively claimed over 50 percent of company dispatches. XL moped at 28.55 percent. And Jupiter at 25.27 percent.

Apache series, the manufacturer’s wide ranging product triumphed at third spot. Wholesales were up 40.07 percent at 16.77 percent share. Volume gain stood at 11,889 units. Unit dispatches grew from 29,668 to 41,557.

RR310, the largest cc offering is listed on its own, and accounted for 281 units. Though a small number, it’s a huge improvement on the 112 units reported a year earlier. Ntorq’s performance remained more or less flat. Dispatches gained 1,597 units. Up at 28,987 from 27,390.

TVS Motor Domestic Sales Nov 2020
TVS Motor Domestic Sales Nov 2020

TVS small volume two-wheelers

Reported gain on Sport was the highest for Nov 20 owing to its low base number. YoY growth is 79.38 percent. Dispatch grew by 5,654 units, up at 12,777 from 7,123. Radeon gain is healthy on a low base number at 28.27 percent growth. Numbers are higher at 11,602 from 9,045. Volume gain was just over 2.5k units. Star City wholesales is up at 7,793 units from 5,105 units at a gain of 2,688 units.

Of models on sale, Pep+ was the only product to report sales decline. Numbers fell to 6,870 from 8,439 units. Volume contraction stood at 1,569 units, following 18.59 percent decline. Zest posted single digit growth. At 8.17 percent, wholesales grew to 4,447 units from 4,111 units. Wego and Victor are not on sale now. iQube, TVS’ electric offering, iQube dispatches stood at 99.

TVS Motor Exports Nov 2020
TVS Motor Exports Nov 2020

TVS exports in November 2020

While Star City is a lower volume product for TVS in the domestic market, its exports are most promising for the manufacturer. Star City and Star City 125 exports covered more than 70 percent ground in overseas markets. Star City numbers were reported at 62.12 percent gain.

Exports grew to 24,660 units from 15,211 taking it to the top of the leaderboard at volume gain of 9,449 units. Star City 125 lost ground at 10.54 percent decline. Exports fell to 19,854 units from 22,192 units. Apache series exports grew 45.96 percent. Numbers grew to 9,115 units from 6,245 units.

Sport exports fell 18.32 percent at volume decline of 985 units. Exports declined to 4,392 units. Down from 5,377 units. Ntorq growth was 54.24 percent. Numbers were just over 3k, up from 1,956 units at volume gain of 1,061 units. XL’s global performance is meagre at just over a thousand units. Exports declined by 37.53 percent. Down from 1,668 units.

Victor and Wego are still being manufactured for overseas markets. Victor exports stood at 800. And Wego at 138 units. Radeon exports fell noticeably. Down to 120 units from 2,120 units. That’s volume loss of 2k units. 68 RR310 units were exported, and 12 of Jupiter. Total exports grew at 10.88 percent. Up at 63,218 units from 57,014 units.

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