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TVS Tyres new multi-media campaign, Letters

Mumbai, 18th March: Let the roads be treacherous or patchy or jerky, a pair of good tyres will always stand by you as your true ‘humsafar’. This comes out strongly in ‘Letters’ the new multi-media campaign launched by TVS TYRES that brings out the importance of hi-performance and toughness of the tyres in an emotional setting as the army jawan braves all kinds of difficult terrain riding on TVS TYRES to hand deliver letters from home to his fellow compatriots.

This is the first time that TVS TYRES has adopted a different route to showcases the ruggedness and dependability elements of the brand. The campaign was created by Rediffusion Y&R and the first round of the TVC have started playing across national television channels from 8th March, 2014, this will be followed by a series of print, outdoor, radio, cinema and ambient media campaigns in next 2 months time. The core message / key takeaway is to emphasis that TVS TYRES is your best travel companion, be it on whichever road / non-road surface your journey takes you on.

A classic visual supported by a voice over approach. As the visual delves into the journey of the rider (an army jawan in this case) we find him overcoming a plethora of tough, challenging and changing landscape. He negotiates the treacherous terrain ably supported by his bike tyres (TVS TYRES) over washed out roads, dirt tracks, steep climbs without much perturb and with a confidence that comes from knowing that you are safe as the rugged and tough tyres support you on the journey.

The closing line “Koi toh raasta zaroor niklega” see the tyre as a partner on his journey; a person who rides on TVS TYRES is never worried about the journey, he will always find the way ahead.

Film Descriptor (i.e. describing the film)

The film begins with a rider sitting near the river side. As the rider moves ahead in his journey, we see that he is a military man riding his bike , negotiating his way through the treacherous path in the midst of gushing water – roads washed away, roads no more than dirt tracks and rubble, roads no decent driver would risk taking. We see the tyres as partners on his journey. They skirt the edge of a gravel embankment barely wider than the tyres themselves and, even as gravel hurtles down the cliff, the bike remains grounded and steady.

Although a gust of wind threatens to dislodge him, burdened as he is by the sacks on his bike, but the tyres don’t waver. At times he has to race the bike up a particularly steep incline to keep his momentum going and then brake abruptly at the top to avoid toppling over – and we see the tyres partner him in that struggle. They smoothly pick up speed and just as comfortably, stop the moment the brakes are applied.

We see him negotiate through a particularly hazardous patch, where a landslide has occurred, weaving his way through boulders and riding on the absolute edge of the cliff, a steep drop barely an inch away.

Cutting on top of the hill, it’s now dusk. There are a few makeshift street lamps and many tents in clusters. We see a few army men there as well. He stops, removes his helmet and opens one of the sacks. We now notice that it’s full of envelopes. He takes a letter, reads the name on top and hands it to one of the men standing around him. The man takes it from him, emotion writ large on his face, his gratitude evident. It’s a letter from home.

Lastly the army men are seen rejoicing, reading their letters. The film ends with a tagline; TVS TYRES: “Koi toh raasta zaroor niklega”.

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