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TVS XL Moped Modified To Look Like Harley Davidson Is A Valiant Attempt

TVS XL modified to like a Harley
TVS XL modified to like a Harley. Credit – sudus custom

While the mechanical configuration hasn’t been tinkered, it does with a custom-made engine casing which gives it the appearance of a V-twin

Despite its small size and capacity, TVS XL 100 is considered to be a workhorse of a two-wheeler. It is extremely efficient, frugal and reliable which makes it a favourite among people on a tight budget and those who conduct business on wheels. However, it would be highly optimistic to expect a powerful performance out of its humble powertrain.

But that’s what aftermarket designers are- Optimistic as they look to create something special out of nothing. The latest case is a prime example in his regard where an XL 100 has modified to look like a miniature Harley Davidson. While it definitely doesn’t match in its size or capacity, its design definitely looks a close replica of the classical American bobber.

TVS XL modified to like a Harley
TVS XL modified to like a Harley

Aesthetic Modifications Made

In a video uploaded by Sudus Customs on YouTube, the vlogger explains the modifications carried out on the moped. The designer has to be lauded for his efforts as the final product shares close resemblance with Harley Davidson Forty-Eight.

In this aftermarket modification, the designer has given attention to each and every details. Almost every part of the custom-made bike is built from hands. Take a look at the detailed video below.

The most iconic piece of attraction is a yellow-coloured fuel tank that has carved in shape just like the classic cruiser from Harley Davidson. It also features Harley Davidson and Forty-Eight brandings on the tank. It is a bolt-on tank and can be installed or removed easily. However, since the moped has no real body panels as such, a large section of the modified work is left uncovered. For instance, the huge gap between the fuel tank and motor.

Is that a V-Twin there?

The custom-made bike also features side boxes that are customised. The leather saddle can accommodate only the rider which has been fitted by positioning it above the rear suspension unit and then fastening the bolts.

The most noticeably highlight is the engine compartment that wears a custom fibreglass casing. The cover encloses the tiny 100cc motor but gives it the shape of a classical V-Twin motor just like the ones that power Harley Davidson motorcycles.

TVS XL modified to like a Harley
TVS XL modified to like a Harley

The designer has also added a twin exhaust setup with custom-made mufflers although only one is functional. This setup lends a bit of heft to the moped. Other parts such as the front mudguard and rear fender have also been hand-made. It gets the same set of features which include a round headlamp with chrome bezels, round indicators and single pod analogue instrument cluster that provide a retro theme to the modified moped.

In terms of specifications, new TVS XL 100 is powered by a 99.7cc four-stroke engine which delivers 4.3 bhp and 6.5 Nm of peak torque. On the other hand, Harley Davidson Forty-Eight is propelled by a massive 1202cc parallel-twin motor that spits out 96 Nm of peak torque.

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