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TVS Zeppelin, Retron Name In Teaser – Three New Motorcycles?

TVS Motors is getting ready to launch their new motorcycle on July 6th and a lot of possibilities span around what it could be

TVS New Motorcycle - Ronin, Zeppelin, Retron ?
TVS New Motorcycle – Ronin, Zeppelin, Retron ?

If a manufacturer can somehow sneakily and stealthily launch a product without getting papped, it is TVS. We have seen it with the launch of Raider 125. With a population as ridiculously immense as India’s and how densely it is condensed, it is very commendable. It is not like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, but it is like pulling a hat out of a rabbit.

Just before the launch, leaked photos suggested that the name of their new motorcycle is Ronin. This modern cafe racer style motorcycle had design inspiration from the TVS Zeppelin concept. But with another set of teasers out, it seems there is more than one motorcycle planned for launch.

TVS Zeppelin R is Zeppelin Retron or Zeppelin Ronin?

TVS shared a teaser for its upcoming launch in the form of a word puzzle and asked to guess what we can see. We saw a lot of words in that puzzle, except for Ronin. Huh? We double and triple-checked the earlier leaked image and it has Ronin branding on it. Instead, TVS has something planned with the name Zeppelin and Retron.

We searched for possible keywords on the internet, thinking that something would turn up and it did. Most names that are expected, like Ronin, Retron, and Zeppelin all lead to an ad developed by TVS for Google search results with keyword Zeppelin on it. If you search for Retron and Ronin, the ad for TVS Zeppelin pops up. We also searched for other TVS products out of curiosity like Raider and Apache, and that also triggered the same ad at the top of Google search results.

TVS New Motorcycle Teaser
TVS New Motorcycle Teaser

If you click on the ad, it will take you to a landing page of TVS Motors, where they have their upcoming motorcycle teaser. Coming back to the word puzzle, we managed to spot Zeppelin, Retron, Explore, Experiment, Innovate, Improvise and Plants (It bugged us too).

TVS Zeppelin Name In Google Search - Promoted by TVS Motor
TVS Zeppelin Name In Google Search – Promoted by TVS Motor

Is TVS Launching Three New Motorcycles?

With so many names out there, it is likely that TVS could launch two or three new motorcycles – Zeppelin, Retron and Ronin. We know that the 250cc segment is heating up in demand. Bajaj has flooded the market with the launch of multiple motorcycles in the 250cc range. They have seven 250cc motorcycles on offer under their brands – Pulsar, Dominar, KTM, Husqvarna.

TVS has none in this segment as of now. In the performance segment, they have Apache 200 and then Apache 310. Nothing in between. Is TVS planning on filling this gap tomorrow, with the launch of not 1, but 3 new motorcycles? One could be named Ronin, 2nd one Zeppelin and 3rd Retron.

TVS has registered names - Zepplin R, Retron and Ronin
TVS has registered names – Zepplin R, Retron and Ronin

These could be based on the same platform, share parts and engine. A 220cc single delivering about 20 hp mated to 5 speed gearbox? One could be a scrambler (Retron), cafe racer (Ronin) and cruiser (Zeppelin)? Whatever it is, we will know for sure tomorrow, which is when the New TVS motorcycle launch event is.

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