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Twizy Way by Renault car sharing concept store at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines train station


Following success of the Twizy Way by Renault service on www.twizyway.com, the company is opening its Twizy Way by Renault store in main hall of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines train station. From here customers can get information, subscribe to the service and pick up badges by signing up either online or physically. This store is open through weekdays from noon to 7 pm.

Before embarking on this service, Renault had involved House of Common Knowledge to carry out a survey on what it is that users thought about this service. 95% of those surveyed stated that they found Twizy Way by Renault effective and efficient thereby making it feasible for the company to launch this new service. Users found the service effective for short trips to run errands and visits to banks, post offices and markets where they found parking to be a major hurdle. For those concerned about the environment and its preservation, car sharing meant less pollution and less congestion on city roads not to mention a huge saving on fuel spending and consumption.

The service was also found effective in ability to leave the car wherever customers wanted thereby offering better flexibility. As a trial, this service was offered to owners of smartphones, through mobile web app and is receiving positive feedback.


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