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2019 Yamaha R15 V3 and Honda Activa i ranked no 1 in Quality

Yamaha R15 V3 Dark Night getting delivered to owner. Image – Yamaha Dinautomobiles Gopalganj

JD Power has released their report for the 2019 Initial Quality Study of two wheeler on sale in India. As per the study, which divided the two wheelers on sale in India in 6 segments, had 3 two wheelers from Honda, 2 from Yamaha and 1 from TVS on top. The respective segments are Executive Scooter Segment, Upper Executive Scooter Segment, Economy Motorcycle Segment, Executive Motorcycle Segment, Upper Executive Motorcycle Segment, Premium Motorcycle Segment.

One thing noticed in the report, is that more buyers in the premium segment have fuel economy as a deciding factor. “While fuel economy has always been an important driver of satisfaction for two-wheeler owners in India, motorcycle owners in the upper executive and premium segments have, in the past, typically attached relatively lower importance to it,” said Rajat Agarwal, Two-Wheeler Industry Expert at J.D. Power.

In spite of this, the satisfaction rate given by buyers to products in the Executive and Premium segment of two wheelers as far as fuel economy is concerned, is very low. This indicates that this segment needs products which are more fuel efficient as compared to the ones already on offer. As you can see in the image below, winners in respective segments are Honda Activa i , Honda Grazia, TVS Victor, Honda CB Shine 125 SP, Yamaha FZ/FZS and Yamaha R15 V3.

Source – JD Power

Apart from fuel economy, there are other deciding factors as well. One of them is the Initial Quality. Satisfaction amongst owners who have not experienced any initial quality problems with their two-wheeler during ownership is 36 points higher than amongst those who have experienced a problem. Owner satisfaction also improved when they were explained all the features of their new two wheeler in detail by the sales representative.

Mr. Motofumi Shitara, Chairman, Yamaha Motor India group of companies has said, “It’s a great honour as Yamaha’s products have been acknowledged in the whole industry as the topmost quality-oriented motorcycles in the premium and upper executive categories. As the survey has collected user feedback, this award will naturally carry customer testimonials about Yamaha’s uniqueness. Further, the prestigious survey rank will be instrumental to drive Yamaha’s marketing initiatives as the brand is now building up its share in the premium segment.

The testimony of good quality upon the already popular technologies that Yamaha has provided in the YZF-R15 and FZ/FZS motorcycles will usefully guide the purchase decisions of new customers. We thank J.D. Power as this survey has recognized Yamaha for such coveted positions. As an exciting brand, we will continue with our hard work to bring more style and sportiness into our products and experiences in the future.”

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