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Two Wheeler Retail Sales Oct 2020 – Hero, Honda, TVS, Bajaj, RE, Suzuki, Yamaha, Vespa

Hero Splendor Sales
Hero Splendor

October 2020 two-wheeler retail sales decline reported by FADA research

FADA has reported two-wheeler retail sales for October 2020. Total two wheeler retail sales fell 26.82 percent down to 10,41,682 units from 14,23,394 units at 3,81,712 units volume loss. Whole sales report can be found here.

Hero MotoCorp, Honda and TVS

Hero Motocorp sales is reported at 3,33,563 units at 31.61 percent decline from 4,87,701 units. Volume loss stands at 1,54,138 units. The manufacturer enjoys 32.02 percent market share.

Honda two wheelers sales decline is reported at 26.38 percent, down at 2,92,267 units from 3,96,996 units. Market share is reported at 28.06%. Volume loss stands at 1,04,729 units.

TVS sales fell 18.29 percent, down at 1,56,063 units from 1,90,991 units. Market share stands at 14.98 percent. Volume loss is reported at 34,928 units. Below is the detailed retail sales table for Oct 2020 Two wheeler sales.

Two Wheeler Retail Sales Oct 2020
Two Wheeler Retail Sales Oct 2020. Source – FADA

Bajaj, Royal Enfield, Suzuki, and Yamaha

Bajaj sales is down 32.30 percent at 1,18,486 units, down from 1,75,022 units. Market share is reported at 11.37 percent. Unit sales declined by 56,536 units. Royal Enfield sales fell 21.35 percent, down at 46,593 units from 59,242 units. Market share is 4.47 percent. Unit sales fell 12,649 units.

Suzuki two Wheeler sales fell 20.12% at 43,361 units and volume loss of 10,919 units from 54,280 units. by Market share is close to RE at 4.16 percent. Yamaha sales is close at 41,961 units, down 11.05 percent from 47,174 units. Market share stands at 4.03 percent. Unit sales contracted 5213 units.

NoTW Retail SalesOct-20Oct-19
5Royal Enfield46,59359,242
8Vespa Aprilia3,6436,090
10Harley Davidson120178
15Others / Electric2,6132,222

Vespa and Aprilia sales contracted to 3,648 units at a decline of 40.18 percent from 6,090 units. Market share stands at .35 percent. Jawa sales fell 10.33% down to 2,516 units from 2,806 units. Harley Davidson sales is reported at 120 units, down 32.58 percent from 178 units. Kawasaki sales fell 60.14% down at 112 units from 281 units.

BMW Motorrad sales fell by 52.29 percent, down tp 104 units from 218 units. Prime sales is reported at 72 units, down from 77 units. Ducati sales halved at 9 units from 18 units. Total electric two wheeler sales is reported at 2613 units at a gain of 17.6 percent, up from 2222 units. Market share is reported at .25 share. Electric two wheelers is the only sub-segment that has reported gain last month.

FADA retail sales

With retail sales numbers being acquired basis RTO registrations and company sales reports being reported basis wholesale units, both numbers indicated differ. As per whole sales report for October 2020, most mass market manufacturers are in the green, barring Royal Enfield. For instance, Hero MotoCorp reported its highest ever sales last month having surpassed the 8 lakh unit mark. FADA retail sales however show that number to be at less than half.

FADA retail numbers do not include data from AP, MP, LD & TS as these States/UT’s are not yet on Vahan 4. Vehicle Registration Data was collated on 08.11.20 and from Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, and Government of India, and is gathered from 1,257 of 1,464 RTOs.

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