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Two Wheeler Sales Feb 2021 – Hero, Honda, TVS, Bajaj, Royal Enfield, Suzuki

New Hero Splendor
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Hero MotoCorp and Honda Two-wheelers lead the table at about 9 lakh sales in February 2021

Two wheeler domestic wholesales in February 2021 improved YoY. In fact 6 of the top 7 manufacturers reported growth in wholesales. As always Hero MotoCorp led from the top reporting growth at under a percent. Wholesales were up at 4,84,433 units, up from 4,80,196 units. Volume gain is reported at 4,237 units.

Honda two wheelers gained significantly at 30.54 percent growth. Wholesales were up at 4,11,578 units, up from 3,15,285 units. Volume gain is reported at 96,293 units. For Hero, it was the Splendor which was the best-seller and for Honda, it was the Activa.

YoY growth

TVS reported 15 percent growth at volume gain of over 25k units. Wholesales were up at 1,95,145 units, up from 1,69,684 units. Bajaj reported marginal gain at 1,48,934 units, up from 1,46,876 units. Volume gain was just over 2k units at 1.40 percent growth.

Royal Enfield reported 6.42 percent growth, and volume gain was just below 4k units. Wholesales are up at 65,114 units from 61,188 units. Suzuki two-wheelers reported 1.51 percent growth. Volumes grew to 59,530 units, up from 58,644 units. Volume gain stood at 886 units. Volume gain for the aforementioned manufacturers stood at 1,32,861 units. Cumulative wholesales is reported at 13,64,734 units, up from 12,31,873 units.

Two Wheeler Sales Feb 2021
Two Wheeler Sales Feb 2021. Other Two Wheeler brands are yet to reveal sales report.

MoM growth for Hero MotoCorp is reported at 3.56 percent, up from 4,67,776 units. Honda reported MoM decline at 1.23 percent, down from 4,16,716 units. TVS reports MoM decline at under 5 percent, down rom 2,05,216 units.Bajaj reported MoM decline at 5.38 percent, down from 1,57,404 units. Royal Enfield MoM gain stood at 1.15 percent, up from 64,372 units. Suzuki reports MoM gain at 4.43 percent up from 57,004 units.

Two wheeler exports

While Bajaj Auto doesn’t top the sales domestic chart, where exports are concerned, its reach is undisputed. Last month exports rose to 1,83,629 units, up from 1,63,346 units. Volume gain stood at over 20k units at 12.42 percent gain. TVS was able to improve exports to 89,436 units at about 35 percent growth. Volume growth stood at 23,229 units, up from 66,207 units.

Honda exports grew to 31,118 units, up from 26,736 units at 16.39 percent growth. Hero exports were up at 21,034 units at 16.56 percent growth, up from 18,046 units.

Two Wheeler Exports Feb 2021
Two Wheeler Exports Feb 2021

Suzuki exports grew by 30.21 percent. Exports rose to 12,132 units, up from 9,317 units. Enfield exports were up at 4,545 units, up from 2,348 units. Just like domestic wholesales, all 6 manufacturers reported improvement in exports.

Bajaj reported MoM decline in exports at under 20 percent. Exports fell to 1,83,629 units, down from 2,27,532 units. TVS exports were flat. As was Royal Enfield. Honda’s was most at volume gain of over 10k units. All other aforementioned manufacturers reported MoM growth in exports. At the time of publishing Yamaha had not yet announced sales in February 2021.

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