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Two Wheeler Sales Sep 2022 – Hero, Honda, TVS, Bajaj, Royal Enfield, Suzuki

Hero MotoCorp sales stood at 5,19,980 in total and takes the top spot with Honda trailing behind it

Royal Enfield 350cc Custom By Eimor
Royal Enfield 350cc Custom By Eimor

India being one of the largest Two Wheeler markets in the world, manufacturers strive hard to gain dominance. In that race, Hero MotoCorp has maintained top position last month with Honda brooding at its neck. With 5,07,690 units sold in the domestic market, Hero takes the lead with 0.44% YoY growth, a volume gain of 2,228 units.

Hero gained 56,950 units in volume over 4,50,740 units sold in August 2022 and registered a 12.63% growth MoM. With figures like this, Hero commands a 30.79% market share of among the leading two wheeler manufacturers. Honda takes 2nd spot with 4,88,924 units sold domestically. The Japanese brand saw a 5.44% YoY growth and 15.53% MoM growth. Volume gain stood at 25,241 units YoY and 65,708 units MoM.

Two Wheeler Sales Sep 2022

TVS takes 3rd position with 2,83,878 units and registered 16.30% YoY growth and 18.62% MoM growth. Volume gain stood at 39,794 units YoY and 44,553 units MoM. Bajaj takes 4th position with 2,22,912 and registers 28.15% YoY growth and a 4.67% drop in sales MoM.

With 73,646 units, Royal Enfield takes 5th position and registered highest-on-list 170%.43% YoY growth and 17.10% MoM growth. Royal Enfield’s volume gain stood at 46,413 units YoY and 10,754 units MoM. Lastly, we have Suzuki which showed steady progress with 72,012 units and registered 29% YoY growth and 11.38% MoM growth with volume gain at 16,404 units YoY and 7,358 units MoM.

Two Wheeler Domestic Sales Sep 2022
Two Wheeler Domestic Sales Sep 2022

Total domestic sales from these 6 manufacturers stood at 16,49,062 units and saw 12.10% growth YoY and 11.83% growth MoM. Exports saw a chink in most manufacturers’ armour. With 1,25,443 units shipped, Bajaj is the highest exporter and saw 32.95% YoY degrowth and 3% MoM growth. Bajaj accounts for 46.74% of exports on this list.

Two Wheelers Exports Sep 2022

TVS shipped 77,851 units and saw a drop of 11.96% YoY and gained 2.15% MoM. Honda and Suzuki take 3rd and 4th places respectively in exports. Honda and Suzuki show positive growth of 62.61% and 18.82% YoY respectively with sales dropping 24.61% and 1.12% MoM respectively. Exports stood at 29,635 units for Honda and 14,738 units for Suzuki.

Hero MotoCorp shipped 12,290 units and saw 50.61% de-growth YoY and gained 3.56% MoM. Royal Enfield shipped 8,451 units and takes the cake of being the only company to see positive growth in exports in both YoY and MoM analysis. In total, exports from these 6 manufacturers saw a decline of 20.43% YoY and 1.07% MoM.

2W Sales September 2022 - Exports
2W Sales September 2022 – Exports

Total Sales Two Wheelers Sep 2022

When domestic and exports are combined, Hero MotoCorp takes the lead with 5,19,980 units pushed out of its production facilities. All this despite Hero witnessing 1.95% drop in sales YoY. Hero gained 12.40% MoM, though. Volume gain stood at 57,372 units MoM. Honda fell into the green with 5,18,559 pushed out and registered a 7.61% growth YoY and 12.12% growth MoM.

TVS also fell in the green with 3,61,729 units pushed out and registered 8.79% YoY growth and 14.64% MoM growth. Volume gain stood at 29,218 units YoY and 46,190 units MoM. Bajaj fell in the red completely with 3,48,355 units and witnessed a drop in sales of 3.51% YoY and 2.04% MoM.

Two Wheeler Total (Sales+Exports) Sep 2022
Two Wheeler Total (Sales+Exports) Sep 2022

Suzuki and Royal Enfield both registered positive growth with 25.70% and 144.85% YoY growth respectively. Total sales stood at 86,750 units and 82,097 units respectively. In total, sales numbers from these 6 two wheeler manufacturers stand at 19,17,470 units in September 2022 with 6.03% YoY growth and 9.82% MoM growth. Volume gain stood at 1,09,128 units YoY and 1,71,504 units MoM.

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