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Two-wheelers biggest consumers of petrol in India

Not cars, but two-wheelers are the biggest consumers of petrol in India

A recent survey conducted by Nielsen, on the use of petrol in India, has revealed that it is not the owners of fancy cars or other luxury vehicles that are major consumers, but two wheelers who are the biggest consumers of petrol in India.

The survey conducted has revealed that two wheelers consume a total of 61.42% of total petrol sales in the country while this is followed by cars which consume 34.33% of petrol. The survey also revealed that out of the total states in India, it was Odisha, Bihar and Rajasthan where two wheelers consumed over 70% petrol.

Not cars, but two-wheelers are the biggest consumers of petrol in IndiaThese statistics could prove to be a major indicator to the government as they go on for general elections. Continuous increases in petrol prices could alienate voters especially in rural areas in India. Taking into account petrol prices, it has been noted that since 2010 prices of petrol have increased over 51% to a current total of INR 72.43 liters in Delhi.

Petrol prices in India over the past decade have seen an increase from INR 34 in December 2003 to INR 72 in December 2013. Touted as Rich Man’s Fuel, this drastic price hike has had an adverse effect on sale of two wheelers not only in urban areas but specifically in rural areas where motorcycles and scooters are the only affordable and viable means of transport. (via)


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