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Tyre traction in your car this monsoon, Michelin tips

Because of the many challenges that our vehicles face, it is imperative for vehicle owners to drive safely and efficiently during rainy weather. Michelin Tires, which are built with safety as their No. 1 consideration, offers some rainy tips for safety and maintaining vehicle integrity.

First things first, always inspect your vehicle. Walk around your car. Check for fluid leaks, busted lights and loose wires. Test your tire pressure and wheel alignment. Check your radiator. Do not just jump into the driver’s seat and drive away. Address any car problem before you leave your garage.

Keep the windshield clean.Wash your windows and remove the dust and smudges. Invest in a windshield water repellent so you’ll have clear vision even in heavy rain. Good vision is the first rule in safe driving. Remove paper, stuff and other distractions from your dashboard as well. Pay attention to weather forecasts. If rain is forecast, don’t be a smart aleck. Give it benefit of a doubt. Check alternative routes that will enable you to avoid flooded areas. Make sure your umbrella, car tools and flashlight are with you. If you can, postpone your trip until after it rains.

Don’t swerve. Roads are extra slippery during rainy days, and most drivers have less control over their vehicles because of the road condition. Swerving may be a risky or even deadly mistake that may cause you to lose control. Avoid swerving at all times, even when it’s not raining.

Protect your under belly. Floods, mud and splashes, if left alone, will cause rust to form in your car and hamper your car’s performance. Rust proof your car and make sure you do this regularly. Spray a rust-inhibiting chemical on the underside and other rust-prone areas. It may cost a little more, but you will prolong your vehicle’s life and keep it working like new. This will give you peace of mind in the long run.

Select the right tires for the weather.Get a tire with good traction and that can brake well on wet surfaces. Look for models that are specifically designed for rainy weather.


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