Uber ban in Delhi solved, OLA Cabs & TaxiForSure also registering under Radio Taxi Scheme

After the failed attempt of arguing their way back into business, by stating that they are just an Information Technology service provider assisting cab owners not a transport operator and that state taxi rules don’t apply to them, Uber went ahead and applied for licence to operate as a radio taxi service.

An Uber spokesperson said, even though current taxi regulations do not have any relevance with technology based taxi aggregators, the company was left with no other option to resume services in Delhi.
Uber’s competitors TaxiForSure and Olacabs already saw this coming. TaxiForSure applied for a licence in Delhi about two weeks ago, and Olacabs has also supposedly applied for the same. According to Delhi transport department, the licensing process will only take a week for approval, provided the paperwork is accurate.

The original Radio Taxi Scheme of 2006 did not include such taxi aggregators but after the recent issue the regulations were updated. New scheme allows wed-based aggregators such as Uber, Ola Cabs and TaxiForSure to operate cabs through web portal or call centre if they own the cars.

The modified radio taxi scheme must have a fleet size of at least 200 cars, either directly owned or through a contract with individual permit holders. With a minimum of 50 cars, a licensee can start the service. According to the older scheme, all cars had to be owned directly by the licensee.

Via – Economic Times