Uber cabs impounded in Delhi over surge pricing

Following complaints received from consumers that app-based cab aggregators like Uber were fleecing customers in the wake of surge pricing, Delhi Government has impounded over 50 taxis, while the drive continued well into the night.

Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal has issued a stern warning against this kind of pricing while a dedicated helpline has been set up for passengers to lodge complaints. 011-42400400 helpline saw hundreds of complaints being registered since it was set up with the Government promising to take stern action against the cab aggregators.

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Shortage of taxis continues in the Capital following the recent ban on diesel vehicles and odd and even vehicle scheme. While Uber introduced surge pricing, Ola, another app based taxi aggregator has tweeted that they were not resorting to higher pricing in its platform in Delhi NCR. The Uber app showed pricing 1.4 to 3 times higher through the day while night rates went up 2.9 times.

Delhi Government had clearly forbidden surge pricing during the April 15-30 period while it extended the ban even after the scheme ended. Permits clearly indicate that cab drivers cannot overcharge due to which stern action is being taken against them.

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Monday’s crackdown on app cabs and the fact that many drivers with All India Tourist Permits took to the streets in protest against Supreme Courts ban on diesel taxis caused much inconvenience to passengers.

via PTI

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