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Uber cabs with plastic walls inside cabin is the new norm – Watch video

A video shared on social media shows how Uber cabs have modified their interiors due to current situation in India

Most conversations now are based on personal understanding of what people are beginning to expect in a period post complete lockdown. And public transport becomes a big concern when envisioning the future. The very medium that gave us the convenience of commute at ‘affordable rates’ at any time of night and day is now making people think twice.

While a number of cabs that have been in use in Uber for a few good years were showing visible signs of wear and tear, with under the hood and inside the car, the sight of a dirty and unkept interior evoked no more than short lived grimacing in most riders.

But now with sanitisation being top priority, maintaining cabs for every single ride will be the new expected normal. It will be interesting to see how this additional cost of cleaning and sanitising each cab for every ride is absorbed, and most importantly by whom.

A video, credit to iamshubhradixit, now shows a Uber driver maintaining physical distance with the help of a plastic screen. To ensure its purpose is uncompromised, and to keep the curious at bay, the separator has the words, ‘Please do not touch’ printed on it. It’s not clear whether the sheet is changed each day because the plastic sheet will soon be scratched and not so transparent with daily spraying with disinfectant and wiping down.


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? Myself – Bazzi

The sight of a group of friends occupying the same cab will be a thing of the past soon. With an absolute need to maintain physical distance within a small enclosed cab, one will no longer be allowed to fill every seat of a cab. Anyway you look at it, cab sides are starting to look expensive in the future. For now, ride-app cabs can seat two passengers. Cabs are plying only in areas that are determined to be green and orange zones by government and local authorities. Cab hailing guidelines too have been outlined by authorities.

Keeping in mind the requirements in the country, Uber India had introduced multiple ride types for varying requirements. For now, UberPool rides which were designed to makes rides cheap for people having been designed as a nuanced and on the go carpool platform is no longer available. Another tool of economic rides that’s come to a stop for now.

Uber also operates various cab types depending on need. Even that is being readjusted as per the limitation of riders allowed in a cab for now. New ride-hailing rules also keep air conditioning out of use. So, for now it’s windows down on rides, and if you have luggage in the boot, it’s best to load and unload it yourself. Something that drivers had to help out with for some reason until now.

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