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Uber Connect package delivery service launched in India

With lockdown being a way of life in current weeks, staying at home has become a priority for most who’re trying to understand this new way of safekeeping

Though sitting put is possible without too much disruption for a section of the working populace, it’s the inability to access things which would otherwise be easy to acquire that’s bothering some. Now, Uber Connect looks to step in to meet just that need.

The service in question is similar to Dunzo. The app allows one to request a pickup and drop as per convenience. Uber Connect started off with delivering groceries and medicine from select retail stories in select cities.

Now the company has included the delivery of personal packages between friends and family. The package in question needs to be below 5 kgs in weight and should be easy to transport in a two wheeler.

Needless to say, in doing what corporates do best when it comes to washing ones hands off any possibility of controversy, packages can’t contain sin products. Not just recreational drugs, but even liquor/alcohol, and cigarettes/tobacco products can’t be parcelled. The list of prohibitive items is listed on the website.

Similar to any on-demand app, you’ll be notified once a carrier is available, and track their onward journey to pickup and their journey enroute to drop-off. The trip can be shared with the recipient so they can track the incoming package.

For now the service is available in Kolkata, Guwahati, Jaipur and Gurgaon. Ordinarily people are spending their days under lockdown and curfew. With availability of public transport at an all time low, using a runner with permission to be on the street seems to be the best bet now.

In addition, there’s the sense of guarantee that one relies on when it comes to big name companies. Similar to Zomato delivery partners being continually tested and with sanitisation being priority, Uber too would rely on strict adherence to safety during delivery.

The avenue, also gives Uber the opportunity to create employment through this service. Cab services are no longer the need of the hour, and that’s left drivers riding the gig-economy wave in a precarious position.

Uber has been keen on the two wheeler market in India, and has been studying various such platforms to take forward the idea of Uber Moto. The service, a lot like bikes on hire with a pilot in Goa could be tuned for popularity in bigger cities.

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