Delhi modifies 2006 Radio taxi rule, Uber can restart services

Earlier this month, Delhi Government had issued a ban on mobile app-based cab aggregator companies like Uber and Ola, following alleged rape of a woman passenger by the Uber cab driver. This ban was issued under 2006 Radio Taxi rule, which did not accommodate app-based cab aggregator companies like Uber.

uber delhi ban lifted

About three weeks after the ban, Delhi government has made amendments to the rule, which will allow Uber to restart services, but not in the same way as before. As per new rules, there will be major revisions which will needed to be implemented by Uber.

The new rules dictate that all licencees under Radio Taxi Scheme 2006 must maintain a fleet of a minimum of 200 radio taxis. These can either be directly owned or acquired under agreement with other drivers who have licenses to ply taxis. They must also show parking space for all the cars.

The company will need to have an office inside the city limits, and a 24×7 a customer service contact number. A contact number must also be registered with the Delhi RTO. Each car must be fitted with panic button. If pressed, this should signal a transmission to control centre of licensee and onwards to the nearest police station or police control room.

The new rules also include that all cars in the network will have to be fitted with a GPS device, and a printer. They will have to run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Apart from these, there are many more rules which the licensee will need to comply in order to ply as a radio taxi operator or app-based cab aggregator.

Below is the official document of revised rules.