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To increase market share, Uber plans to accept cash from users in India

As on date, Uber does not accept cash payments for cab rides in any city across the world. Because of this reason, they are losing business to rivals who do accept cash payments.

In order to gain lost ground, Uber is testing cash payment for the first time on an experimental basis in Hyderabad, making India the first country across the globe where Uber is accepting cash payments.

Uber’s competitors Ola, Meru and TaxiForSure all allow cash payments with only Uber resorting to cashless credit card transactions. This system has worked wonders in developed countries. In India too, this system has been accepted widely. But, there is a huge segment who do not prefer paying by credit cards or debit cards. It is for these users, who form a major segment of their customer base, Uber is trying out the new system.

In order to pay via cash, all you have to select ‘cash payment’ option before booking an Uber from your smartphone. But in-spite of this, users will however need to have credit card or digital wallet account linked to the Uber app. This is for security reasons or if the person refuses to pay. And, ofcourse there will be no bargaining on required fare amount with drivers.


With cash payments playing a major role where customers in India are concerned, the company decided to try this out over the next few days while in April, Uber introduced cash payments for its auto rickshaw service in the Capital.

Besides introducing cash payments, Uber has also launched new features so as to enhance safety while travelling. The company has partnered with SafetiPin that analyses streets to make them safer while Panic Button has been incorporated in the app that instantly alerts the police along with your current location.

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