Uber self-drive taxi launched in the US, and you can order one rightaway – Video

Uber driverless taxi has been successfully launched in Pittsburgh, the city which is home to their Advanced Technologies Center (ATC). As the leading taxi aggregator in the world, Uber is committed to future-ready technology which will not only reduce accidents, but will also save time and money.

The car which is their self-driving taxi, is a hybrid Ford Fusion. More car models will be introduced from next year onwards. If you are in Pittsburgh, you can order one via the same phone app. Though the car can drive by itself, there will be a fully trained driver behind the wheel to ensure that things are going as planned.

The self-driving taxi is equipped with high-resolution cameras, radars and laser scanners to map the local topography. Uber says that going autonomous is the way to curb accidents. The company says that about 1.3 million people die in road accidents every year around the world and 94% of these accidents are caused by human errors. In addition to enhancing safety, Uber claims that its self-driving taxi fleet will increase affordability and reduce traffic congestion.

Uber’s autonomous cab project is still in its early days. It currently focused on getting the technology right and ensuring safety for everyone involved.

Uber is not the first one in the world to launch self drive taxis. nuTonomy became the first last month, when they launched a similar service in Singapore last month.

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