Under-construction flyover mishap – Tar sprayed on cars passing below

This happened earlier today in Coimbatore. Images - Gobinath Ramakrishnan and Saleesh Thrissur.

Earlier today, a mishap on the under-construction flyover resulted in minor injuries to some people, and damages to at least five cars. The said flyover is located on the 100ft road, in Gandhipuram, Coimbatore.

As per eye-witness, this happened when a truck on the flyover accidentally spilled a drum filled with tar on to the road below. The truck was reversing, and it tipped the drum, which resulted in hot tar being thrown on cars below.

Though this incident could have been fatal, no serious injuries have been reported. Some people who were walking under the flyover, did get injured, but they escaped with minor injuries.

On the other hand, at least five cars have been damaged badly, as seen in the images below.

Vehicles which have been damaged, will have to go for a repaint job. In some, the windscreens too will have to be replaced. The owners of the said cars protested to this and refused to move the vehicles from the spot until they were compensated by the contractor.

Temperature of tar is usually at 200 degrees C when it is being sprayed. It is not clear if the local municipality will be taking care of the damages or not.