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Engineers planning to build world’s first floating underwater tunnel

Underwater floating tunnels will help in reducing travel time.

Norway plans to build tunnel highways, submerged about 20 meters below the surface of water. The structure will be called a submerged floating tube bridge or an Archimedes Bridge as it is based on the same principle of buoyancy devised by the ancient Greek mathematician.

Archimedes principal where the upward buoyant force exerted on a body immersed in a liquid is equal to the weight of the fluid that the body displaces is what these underwater tunnels are based on.

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Norwegian engineers have come up with this innovative solution to tackle traffic situation in the country. Norwegian government has set apart $25 billion for this project with several such underwater tunnels being planned running through various fjords in the country.

Tunnels will run parallel supporting traffic from each direction. These tunnels will be suspended 100 feet underwater by pontoons floating on the surface, connected to tunnels by trusses. The plan for such underwater tunnels is a long term project. It is not only the first time that such an ambitious scheme is being planned but it is also a difficult prospect with very high investments.

Factors such as wind, waves and water currents in the fjords affecting these structures will have to be taken into consideration while the tunnels could also hamper Navy ships that used these waters for training. Whether or not a project of this magnitude sees the light of day is yet to be determined while plans are to complete the project by 2035.

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