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Uniti One EV price listed for India is a steal and defies current pricing strategy

Uniti EV made its idea a reality through crowdfunding in 2016, and unveiled its Uniti One EV in 2017. The first cars will be delivered in 2019. In two months from its first reveal, Uniti One EV was shown at Auto Expo 2018. In India the car will be available on sale in 2020. Bookings for the same are being accepted now for a token amount of Rs 1,000.

The idea for Uniti One future urban electric urban vehicle took shape at Lund University. In 2016, the freestanding project took help of a crowdfunding campaign. The asking amount was SEK 5 million (Rs 4 crore) for a production-ready prototype. Having met the goal in two days, the crowdfunding campaign was able to raise about over SEK 12 million ($1,35M) ( Rs 9.6 crore) from 569 investors. The original Uniti concept shown in the FundedByMe-campaign in 2016 was based on a more angular design. The final product is realistic while maintaining its futuristic design.

Uniti One EV functionality proposes 75% less carbon emissions through its lifecycle as compared to the idea of EVs we harbour today. Production would be fully automated.

Uniti’s unique approach is strengthened by the fact they developed an all electric car as an electric car rather than adapt a fuel powered car. They’ve also concentrated their efforts in making a small and sustainable car as against bigger powerful cars. Smartphone tech, voice commands, HUD, and a proposed driving option of touchpad and joystick ensure a fully modern car with all car owners have come to expect.

Uniti is working with Siemens Nordic on a modern fully automated factory that will set a new path in automotive manufacturing through engineering and software integration to eliminate the need for human labour, and offset costs involved in making conventional cars.

Uniti – Digital by Siemens PLM from Day 1

While the first cars are planned for dispatch in 2019, Uniti One will be available in India in 2020. It’s scalable design will help build cars as required depending on whether a buyer wants 2, 4 or 5 seats. Uniti One is listed at an entry retail price of €14,900 and progresses to €19,900 based on variants. With subsidies on offer for electric vehicles, Uniti One will in theory cost lower than listed price.

In India, Uniti One EV will go on sale in 2020 at a price of INR 7.14 lakhs, which is in fact a lot lesser than a direct conversion from Euro pricing. Considering taxes for all things imported, and products available globally and in India, prices in India are always a lot higher as comparing the average per capita income/salary.

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