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New Uranus RS Electric Scooter Debuts – 100 Km Range, 110 Kmph Top Speed

Trinity Uranus RS electric scooter is available at an introductory price of 5,888 Euros, approximately Rs 4.88 lakh

New Uranus Electric Scooter
New Uranus Electric Scooter

Electric two-wheelers have been registering consistent improvements in terms of their range, top speed and other performance parameters. A relevant example is Uranus RS electric scooter, launched by Germany-based electric mobility startup Trinity. It will be available in showrooms from May 2022 onwards. After the introductory period, the scooter’s price will be increased to around 6,388 Euros (~ Rs 5.29 lakh).

Uranus RS Electric Scooter features

Trinity Uranus RS electric scooter comes in a compact package, but don’t make any assumptions based on its size. The scooter has relatively better numbers in terms of its range and top speed. Uranus RS comes with dual battery packs as standard, which ensure there’s plenty of juice for fast acceleration and best in class range. The lithium-ion batteries are of 72V/ 32Ah capacity.

On a full charge, Uranus RS electric scooter can cover a distance of around 60 miles (approx. 100 km). Range could vary based on the terrain, traffic conditions, outside temperature, driving skills, etc. The scooter gets its power from a brushless DC motor that can generate around 15 hp of max power. It’s this powerful motor that allows the scooter to reach a top speed of 110 kmph.

To allow users the option to prioritize between speed and range, Uranus RS electric scooter has been equipped with three ride modes. For max miles, users can switch to Eco mode. With Eco setting, the scooter top speed is limited to 55 kmph.

Uranus RS Electric Scooter
Uranus RS Electric Scooter

Second mode is the Standard mode, which is essentially a balance between speed and range. In Standard ride mode, top speed is limited to 80 kmph. Standard mode is best suited for city ride conditions.

In situations where users need more speed, the Sport mode can be engaged. Sport mode allows the scooter to achieve its top speed of 110 kmph. This mode can be used in various environments such as during overtaking, riding on highways, etc.

Uranus RS styling

Uranus RS utilizes a retro design theme with features such as round headlamp and rear view mirrors, chrome highlights, curvy body panels, broad front mudguard and large floorboard area. The scooter has a comfortable, upright riding stance. Its compact profile will make it possible to effortlessly zip through city streets. The scooter is expected to be offered in a range of exciting colour options.

In Europe, Uranus RS comes under the A1 electric scooter category. People with a car driving license and the B196 extension will be eligible to legally ride this scooter. At this point of time, it is not certain if Trinity will launch Uranus RS globally. Initially, the company is likely to focus on European markets. The relatively high cost of the scooter makes it unviable in quite a few locations including India.

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