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Royal Enfield, Honda CB Shine and Pulsar bikes most preferred

Two-wheelers were chosen as most preferred mode of transport for the lower income group. Convenience and cost effectiveness warrants savings of about Rs 400/month as compared to public transport. This drives demand for two-wheelers, which are viewed as a necessity. Urban Auto Consumer Survey covered 1,500 respondents from tier I and II cities.

Urban Auto Consumer Survey reveals Royal Enfield bikes are a preferred choice

Scooters continue to make a comeback. Brand names continue to have impact as Hero (motorcycles), Honda (scooters) and Maruti (cars) stay in the lead. New buyer budgets for two-wheelers are upward of Rs 55,000 plus, and indicate premium aspirations. About 65 pct of 65 pct of Urban Auto Consumer Survey respondents say daily commute to work is a primary reason when buying a two-wheeler, making it an essential one. Cars are used for both office commute and weekend travel.

Gautam Y. Trivedi, Chief Executive Officer, Religare Capital Markets says 57 pct of respondents feel buyer preferences are changing in favour of scooters. 55 pct potential scooter buyers are first-time shoppers (over 26 pct for bikes). Scooter market share has grown from 15 pct in FY09 to 28 pct in FY15TD.

Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 is the company’s first big launch in 2015

Urban Auto Consumer Survey finds women have emerged as a key focus area for two-wheeler companies. 62 pct prefer a bike for daily commute. 65 pct are in favour of scooters. Honda rules the market, and Bajaj has clearly fallen behind in scooter sales. Hero remains a preferred motorcycle brands among consumers (esp. lower income buyers). Aspirations for Honda and Royal Enfield (RE) motorcycles and higher powered bikes in general are on the rise. Royal Enfield, Honda Shine and Bajaj Pulsar are preferred by potential buyers.

Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai are the most desired. Price points and after-sale service (besides mileage) are key determinants. 70 pct of potential car buyers opt for new-launch models. 50 pct prefer petrol variants.

Over 70 per cent of Urban Auto Consumer Survey respondents are now more confident of overall economy than before general elections. When comparing current-owner budgets and that of potential buyers, there’s a willingness to upgrade to premium bikes, 57 pct of new buyers look to spend Rs 55,000 plus (only 45 per cent need financing). About 40 pct of potential car buyers look to spend upwards of Rs 700,000. Mileage is a primary purchase consideration across income levels. 50 pct of respondents consider fuel price hike of over Rs 3/ltr to be significant.

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