US tourist sings in Hindi to make rickshaw driver ferry by meter (Video)

Christine Fair, an author and assistant professor of Peace and Security Studies at Georgetown University fluent in Hindi found an uncooperative rickshaw driver who refused to ferry her to Char Minar via meter.

india rickshaw driver vs tourist
Though the rickshaw driver was arrogant at first, Christine’s approach not only made him ferry by meter, but also brought a smile on his face.

Unable to persuade him to comply with her demands, Fair did something that shocked the driver beyond imagination. The US Tourist whipped out her phone and started taking a video of him while talking to him in Hindi with an American accent.

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When this too failed to deter the stubborn auto driver, Fair broke into singing a Hindi song ‘Mujhe Need Naa Aaye’, Chein Naa Aaye’ and ‘Yeh Zindagi Usi Ki Hai’. This and the fact that Fair told him that she had all day to spare and in no hurry to reach her destination made the rickshaw driver eat humble pie and take the tourist to her destination and that too via meter.

All of us have had our own stories with errant rickshaw drivers. What Christine did, was completely out of the box. And the fact that the rickshaw driver gave in to her demand, gives us a reason to try this technique when a rickshaw driver fails to comply. But, was Christine right in posting the video online after getting what she wanted?