Used Honda City modified to look like Lamborghini for Rs 7.5 lakhs – Total cost Rs 10 lakhs

Jaipur based customization experts can convert your Honda City into a Lamborghini for just INR 7.5 lakhs

At some point in our lives, almost all auto enthusiasts have dreamt of owning a Lamborghini or at the least, driving one! A Jaipur based auto-customization agency, Jaipur Jeep Lovers can however make your dream come true, at a fraction of the original cost.

The latest video from a YouTube channel shows how they have converted a 2006 Honda City ZX into a Lamborghini Aventadaor look alike. This was a used Honda city which was purchased for Rs 2.5 lakhs.

For the mod-job, one needs to pay an additional fees of INR 7.5 lakhs, over and above the cost of the original Honda City. This brings the total value of this car to just Rs 10 lakhs!

Though we doubt if the Aventador’s replica has got any performance boost, the overall modification job is truly splendid. The modified City gets an electrically retractable drop-top and scissor doors for ingress and egress. The car has been painted in fiery red and the overall finish of the paint job also looks good.

We are not sure how the RTO authorities will look at these modifications and whether the changes will be acceptable to them. However, from the video it seems that the owners have already taken the car for some rides around town!

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