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Valet crashes Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder in India – Video

It’s one less Gallardo Spyder in India in the meantime. Driving a supercar at speed isn’t for everyone. However driving a supercar in a controlled environment at specified speed isn’t difficult, but for this particular valet.

Le Meridien New Delhi Sovereign porch outdid it’s evening grandeur, but in the worst possible manner. Clearly this fated Lamborghini Gallardo didn’t move a few yards before it banged into halt. The designated driver put the Gallardo in gear without thinking or having a moment to react, and that’s that. The pricey white car banged into the first wall in its path after banging the sedan in its path out of its way, which in the first place shouldn’t have been in its path had the driver turned the car to the left at a slow pace as was expected of him.

Resultantly, here’s a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder that no longer has a front, a crushed bonnet, a non functional mirror that’s hanging in despair, and a front body that has separated on impact. For all this, the wall does bear a noticeable dent. It is now determined what else the driver chose to destroy based on scratches on the right door and over the air vent, and an all important Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder valet crash CCTV video footage from the hotel.

As far as valet is concerned, a footnote behind most parking tags does mention, ‘The hotel is not responsible for damage and theft of the car.’ That’s certainly going to be argued over angry discussions.


Lamborghini India announced 29% sales growth for 2013 having sold 22 cars over 17 sold in 2012. Lamborghini reported 90 units sold in India to date at the start of 2014. It’s 1 less temporarily for the 100 odds lambos on Indian roads.

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