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Varun Dhawan took selfie with fan on road, gets fined from Mumbai Police via Twitter

Varun Dhawan was traveling in his car recently. He was seated on the front passenger seat. As his window was open, a fellow traveler noticed him while they both were waiting for the signal to turn green.

Varun notices that the lady in the rickshaw is trying to click his photo. Being the star he is, Varun asks the lady if she would like a selfie instead? The lady could not believe her luck. Soon Varun Dhawan and the lady fan were seen popping out of their respective vehicles and clicking a selfie.

This photo (not selfie, but the photo of Varun clicking a selfie) was published in a daily. This got the attention of Mumbai Police. They immediately took a screenshot of the photo, and tweeted the following to Varun Dhawan.

In case you are not able to see the tweet above, here is Mumbai Police had to say to Varun Dhawan – “.@Varun_dvn These adventures surely work on D silver screen but certainly not on the roads of Mumbai! U have risked ur life, ur admirer’s & few others. V expect better from a responsible Mumbaikar & youth icon like U! An E-Challan is on d way 2 ur home. Next time, V will B harsher.”

Soon, Varun Dhawan replied, via a tweet –

Varun Dhawan issued an apology immediately. This is what he said in his tweet – “My apologies. Our cars weren’t moving since we were at a traffic signal and I didn’t want to hurt the sentiment of a fan but next time I’ll keep safety in mind and won’t encourage this.”

Surprisingly, this does not end here. Mumbai Police is probably of the opinion that the entitre episode could have been staged to promote the actor on social media. How else there was a third person standing on the road to take a photo of the two clicking selfie. Mumbai Police replied the following on twitter.

“Quite a galactic coincidence for the photographer to be on the same signal to capture your gesture, in a good intent nevertheless risky. Leaning out even in a stationary vehicle can be distracting for others considering your popularity. Glad you took our message in d right spirit” – Mumbai Police.

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