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Vehicles increase on Indian roads to fuel cost, parking, traffic and safety woes

India is the fifth largest manufacturer of automobiles in the world, and this is evident from the rise in number of vehicle seen on Indian roads. Since the past few years, the road and transportation infrastructure in India has been receiving a number of improvements which are designed to make transportation safe and easy for individuals. A survey carried out has shown that there are 933 vehicles that are added each day to roads in the National Capital.

At this rate, experts predict that there will be about 450 million vehicles plying on Indian roads by year 2020. Truck volume is also expected to grow in the coming years. Most of these vehicles are concentrated in urban areas causing a number of problems for those travelling. In order to ensure that cars and private vehicles are used to a bare minimum the government needs to implement a reliable public transport system in all cities.

This will help reduce the number of vehicle plying on roads and thereby help to improve traffic scenarios. Other than this, roads should be widened and flyovers created to stem the flow of traffic from congested city limits. A correct balance of cars and an improved infrastructure will help to alleviate the problem of increase vehicles on Indian roads.


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