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VW spy fest: 5 Vento 2 Polo and 1 Rapid spied testing new 1.5l diesel?

Volkswagen sedans spied testing

A fleet of 8 Volkswagen Group cars were spotted testing by avid RushLane reader Nitha Bhatt. It is very interesting to see so many cars being tested together. Among, there are 5 VW Vento sedans, 2 VW Polo hatchbacks and 1 Skoda Rapid sedan; one of Ventos’ is Left Hand Drive (LHD) export configuration.

Volkswagen cars spied togetherThose 2 Polos can be identified as facelift models set to launch on 15th July 2014. It is known that Polo GT TDI with 1.6 litre engine and regular 1.2 litre three cylinder diesel variants are phased out to plonk common 1.5 litre TDI engines producing 66kw (89bhp) and 77kw (104bhp) for normal and high performance variants. It is also believed that Volkswagen Vento will also soon inherit new 1.5 litre TDI. What did not seem to occur so far is that Skoda Rapid could also borrow the same 1.5 TDI.

VW Vento LHD spyshotLooks like thats what is going on here. Volkswagen could be testing their 1.5 TDI in all these cars together, which means another reshuffling is on their cards. Question remains, will Volkswagen / Skoda pass on excise duty benefits (by way of plonking smaller capacity engine) to customers? Will new 1.5 higher tune diesel engine come with GT badging? Should we expect the half brother sedans to launch before or during Diwali festive season?


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