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Venturi VBB-3 Electric Car sets new Land Speed Record

Venturi VBB-3 is designed by students of the Center for Automotive Research (Ohio State University).

Venturi Buckeye Bullet-3 or Venturi VBB-3 has set two new FIA world speed records for an electric vehicle at 549.43 kmph. The performance was seen at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA under Federation Internationale de l’Automobile regulation.

Venturi VBB-3 Electric Car was built in early 2013 but it was due to adverse weather conditions at the salt flats that it was not put to test over the past three years. It is the third land speed car from Center for Automotive Research, California and sports a thin long shape for better aerodynamics. Venturi VBB-3 Electric Car receives a set of electric motors, each capable of 1,500 hp while they are powered by 8 lithium ion battery packs.


Driven by Roger Schrorer from the Transportation Research Center in Ohio, Venturi VBB-3 also set a higher land speed record of 576 kmph, but it was only during a one-way run. For a record to be claimed, average of two runs in opposite directions are calculated.

Two one mile runs in opposite directions are undertaken within an hour. The one hour time gap allows the battery and other components to cool down following the first run while running in opposite directions cancels any advantage from a tail wind. This feat broke the previous record achieved with the VBB-2.5 in 2010.

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