VIP number for two wheelers launched – Price starting from Rs 15,000

Proposal for auctioning of special VIP registration number plates for two wheelers to come into effect in Delhi.

Buyers of two wheelers in Delhi will soon be able to get special registration number plates officially as the Government is now making this legal. These special VIP registration number plates will be issued straight from the dealers as against earlier when buyers had to buy special number plates after taking delivery of the vehicle.

The Delhi Government is getting ready to finalize this proposal which is slated to be cleared in the next two weeks with the draft being sent for approval by the cabinet.

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Buyers of two wheelers will be able to get these special VIP numbers from May and numbers will be allotted on first come first serve basis via the online portal. To get an idea of the prices of these special number plates, number 0001 will cost INR 50,000 while numbers 0002-0009 will start at INR 30,000.

Other special numbers such as 0789, 9999, 7777 and 1000 which are much in demand among buyers in Delhi will start at INR 20,000 while other numbers like 01000, 2222, 8888 and 6666 will be sold for INR 15,000.

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As is seen with a large number of car buyers in Delhi, two wheeler buyers too would shell out whopping amounts for getting special number plates. Here is the official site for fancy no plates –

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While this was sometimes a lengthy process and large amounts of money was at stake, the new proposal will make getting fancy VIP numbers a more legal, organized and cheaper affair.