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This vlogger thinks humour is to kidnap, tie and gag a girl in a car

Access to internet has given scores of folks a platform to speak their mind and present to the world digital representations of ideas that they feel are fitting. That has in turn made the online world a minefield of great content, as well as idiotic rubbish.

Short skits revolving around women being golddiggers are aplenty. If these videos are to be believed, then all you need is an expensive and noticeable car, and women will throw all caution to the wind and willingly accept your offer to join you. Some skits then go on to shaming women because they chose to take a free ride. In all honesty, such videos are in no way a yardstick to measure greed but have been widely viewed to establish just that.

Apart from a dubious plot, there’s also the mindnumbing reality of having to endure terribly made videos that have no respect for videomaking, lighting, editing or story. This is made even more irritating by the painfully terrible acting that goes with such shoddy videos.

Maybe it’s time to take a step back, and let shoddy ideas go. Just because you think it’s a great idea, it needn’t be. Let’s stop making terrible videos.

This particular video by ‘Aashqeen’ lets you know what it’s all about with this opening line. Picking up girl with luxurious cars (sic). If that’s the first bit of content viewers see, do try and make an attempt to write a proper sentence. It’s not as difficult as you make it appear.

Moving straight onto the main plot is a female lead trying to not make too much of three chaps who’re quite confident that the combination of their sunglasses and cars is going to impress her. The decent bunch aren’t at loggerheads with each other as is usually the case when multiple males trying wooing a female. They’re casually gathered together awaiting her decision when a new character enters in broad daylight in his oldish commuter segment vehicle. At this point the video goes from horrible to could not be worse.

In a daylight enacted kidnapping, which is meant to be humorous he kidnaps the female lead, and binds her. For some reason her three potential suitors have failed to act and their stable and fast cars aren’t actually used to drive the horrid kidnapper off the road. No heroic rescue mission here. After driving further, he exits the vehicle while viewers can see the kidnapped girl in his car (typically the model used in scores of older hindi films as a chosen vehicle to kidnap folks).

Dressed in white shoes and pants and a metallic blue shirt he begins moving his hands and legs in the hope it looks like dancing. It’s most appalling. Imagine you’ve been put in a car against your wishes and tied and bound and now have to watch this unflatteringly dressed moron gyrating to loud music.

The song which must have been chosen after much deliberation loosely translates to ‘I do what I feel like, I am the owner of my thoughts, and I don’ t care much.’ It also suggests do what I do. Please don’t.

Interestingly, this video comes a few days after a YouTuber by the name ‘Crazy Sumit’ was arrested for a video he made. In that video, he was showed himself kissing and molesting girls on public roads and then running away, thinking it was funny to do so. It seems like vlogger Aashqeen is also thinking on similar lines, because he too thinks that the video is funny. Below is his comment on the video –

I make videos for good laughter not to give good or bad message and same goes for this video.


Apologies to those who took it so serious and Thanks to those who could understand the humor in this video 🙂


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