Volkswagen Beetle India relaunch in mid 2015

But the company is still struggling to acquire substantial market share, given various factors, not the least of which is a diverse product portfolio. Volkswagen India for some reason, seem to have pointed the limelight only at Polo and Vento, and the more they lost gip of other models, they held tighter to these two, letting others wither off from being reckoned at all.

Volkswagen Beetle red
Volkswagen Beetle suffered from this phenomenon.

Not that Beetle could have churned massive volumes, but it probably could have sold better than around 500 units in about four years’ time, if some effort of marketing was diverted to the iconic model. The bug which was introduced in India in 2009, was squashed in 2013, as the model already vanished in thin air due to high price tag, lack of demand and cut-off of supply from the plant anyway.

Even while the previous generation VW Beetle was failing in the market, Volkswagen showcased the next gen model at 2012 Delhi Auto Expo. But the never commented on its market launch at the event or ever since. The model was unveiled at Auto Shanghai and at New York Auto Show in 2011.

Now, the German automaker is planning to improve the range of products for India, starting with the very Volkswagen Beetle which sold barely before. New Beetle will be launched in second half of 2015, and it will be the only model-introduction in India for the year. Will the bug fly high this time?

Via – Economic Times