Volkswagen Beetle with 800 spark plugs and 60 motherboards and that’s not all: VW Think Blue campaign

This Volkswagen Beetle has been recreated with over 2805 scrap material bits and pieces. The life size Beetle art piece comprises of 800 cold drink crowns, 800 spark plugs, 60 mother boards, 200 bottle caps, hard disks, computer key boards, CDs, speakers, audio cassettes, beer cans, barbecue sticks, a flat screen monitor, Telecom wires, type writers, pens, amongst other scrap materials used.

The Beetle car art piece has been created by Haribaabu Natesaan and will be showcased at the Kala Ghoda festival between 4th- 12th February, 2012. As part of the Volkswagen Think Blue campaign, the scrap pieces used were collected through clean up drives that VW undertook at various locales.

Volkswagen ‘Think Blue’ is the German auto marquees ‘philosophy of environmental sustainability’, and what better way than the Beetle art-piece, which upholds the very essence of such an initiative through artistic recycling. After the Kala Ghoda art festival, the Beetle art car would be showcased in Germany, birthplace of the iconic Bug.