Volkswagen C Coupe GTE concept breaks cover at 2015 Auto Shanghai

Volkswagen C Coupe GTE concept is designed to preview a model that will cater to the Chinese market. This is a study for a new design language to be adopted for high-end sedans in Volkswagen’s lineup. We are looking at a brand new executive saloon to be slotted right in between VW Passat and VW Phaeton.

Volkswagen C Coupe GTE concept Shanghai 2015
VW C Coupe GTE is over 5 metres long, almost 2 metres wide, and rides on 22 inch alloy wheels that are separated by 3 metres from front to rear.

Interiors of Volkswagen C Coupe GTE concept takes most inspiration from the new Passat, but is a lot cleaner in terms of buttons and features courtesy of a large touchscreen display and a completely digital instrument cluster. Occupants at the rear seat of the limo get a separate centre console within their reach, to control certain features and functions, and can enjoy individual entertainment screens mounted on the backrests of front seats.

The C Coupe GTE concept is equipped with a plug-in hybrid powertrain which combines the efforts of a 210 PS producing four-cylinder TSI petrol engine and 124 PS generating electric motor, thus rating the car at max power of 245 PS and peak torque of 500 Nm.

Volkswagen C Coupe GTE concept Shanghai 2015

The car will have a pure electric range of up to 50 km via a lithium-ion battery pack, and hybrid range of over 800 km. Mileage is claimed to be 43.47 kmpl and CO2 emissions 55 g/km. Acceleration in hybrid mode is 8.6 seconds to touch 100 kmph, and top speed is 232 kmph. In pure electric mode, the car can push up to 130 kmph.