Volkswagen cars to be infused with innovative steels for lighter vehicles

Arcelor Mittal will be supplying Volkswagen with innovative and high quality steels for making lighter and stronger cars. Usibor® 1500P high grade steel is currently being used in manufacture of many of VW’s models. Use of ultra high grade steel in thee structure and body of the vehicle help to reduce weight considerably while at the same time providing a sturdy and rigid structure.

Use of these steels, makes it possible for one to manufacture lightweight sturdy cars which are fuel efficient. A reason for using lightweight steels is that they boast of a wide variety of mechanical behaviors. By making use of this feature one can choose to develop much better varieties of light weight steel for usage in car manufacture. Another advantage of using steel is that it can be recycled and used again for various other purposes.

Usage of steel in cars will help cut down CO2 emissions. On the other hand production of aluminum which is used currently produces more CO2 emissions as compared to production of steel. By using these high grade steel parts for car manufacture, one will be able to create lightweight and efficient modes of transport in the long run.


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